Exciting “Seafood Donburi Festival” happening at the Festival Market!


🐟 Enjoy the early spring “Seafood Donburi Festival” at Lagunatenbosch in Gamagori! 🐟

Special events are taking place at the Festival Market located within Lagunatenbosch in Gamagori! From shops launched in the first phase of the “Re:BornProject,” a heartfelt SALE & event will be held.

Among them, the highlight is definitely the “Seafood Donburi Festival,” where fresh and hearty seafood bowls, rich with the bounty of the sea, will be gathered. Each shop within the Festival Market will compete with their unique flavors, making the selection an endless delight.

Additionally, at the Festival Market, you can also enjoy the Strawberry Fair happening simultaneously, allowing you to indulge in dessert after your meal 🍓

For those who feel the urge to try everything, why not consider a two-day stay?

To reach the Festival Market, it’s just about a 12-minute drive from Guest House Maison de Poulan (during normal times). For those using public transportation, free shuttle buses run every 30 minutes from JR Gamagori Station South Exit (a 10-minute walk from the guest house).


Indulge in the blissful moment of enjoying a luxurious seafood bowl while gazing at the sea, and experience a comfortable stay and the joys of early spring at Guest House Maison de Poulan.

We eagerly await welcoming you.

For more details about the “Seafood Donburi Festival,” please visit the following website.
Festival Market Grand Appreciation Festival Website

Seafood Donburi Festival

Period3/9 (Saturday) ~ April 14 (Sunday)
TimeDuring the business hours of each store
VenueEach store in the Festival Market

You can check guest house reservations and availability using the following link

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