[Let’s have a special summer vacation!] Maison de Pouran and Gama Ice Expo 2024

Do you have this kind of trouble?

I’m looking for a summer vacation travel destination, but no matter where I go, there are only the same scenery and similar sightseeing spots. You want to make special memories during your summer vacation, don’t you?

That’s good news for you!

By staying at the Guest House Maison de Pourin and participating in the Gama Ice Expo 2024, your summer vacation will turn into a special experience. The coolness of the ice and warm hospitality are waiting for you.

Photo: From the Gamagori City Tourism Association’s website

Hello, I’m Suzuryu, the manager of the Guest House Maison de Peulain.

Guest House Maison de Pouran is a spacious 78-square-meter 2LDK type limited to one group per day, and is loved by many customers for its homely atmosphere and heartwarming service. The living and dining room is equipped with a 50-inch LCD TV and high-quality BOSE sound, so you can enjoy comfortable entertainment.

Where shall we go during the summer vacation?

Actually, I used to spend a normal summer vacation myself. No matter where I went, it was the same scenery, the same sightseeing spot, and I couldn’t make any special memories. Meanwhile, I looked for various places in search of a special experience, but I couldn’t find a satisfying place, and I was one of those who failed many times.

When I heard that this year’s 6/29 (Sat) to 9/30 (Mon), Gama Ice Expo 2024 will be held for the first time, I had an intuition that this would be a special summer memory. This new event will surprise and impress visitors with unique ice art and a variety of flavors. I was convinced that a special summer experience could be realized by combining the Gama Ice Expo 2024 and the warm hospitality of the Guest House Maison de Pouran.

You can make special summer memories by staying at the Guest House Maison de Poulin and enjoying the Gama Ice Expo 2024. Because it’s the first time to hold it, it’s a chance to experience this new experience before anyone else. After returning home, the memories will surely remain in your heart and you will want to brag to your friends and family.

Gama Ice Expo 2024 is a special event only this summer. Don’t miss the special ice art and deliciousness that you can only experience now. If you miss this opportunity, it may be a normal summer vacation again. Now is your chance to make special memories!

Why Guest House Maison de Poulin?

There are three reasons why Guest House Maison de Poulin is chosen.

  1. Spacious 78-square-meter 2LDK, private space limited to one group per day
  2. Comfortable entertainment with high-quality BOSE sound and 50-inch LCD TV in the living and dining room
  3. Support system to create special summer memories with full facilities and warm hospitality

Many customers who actually stayed said, “I’m really glad I came here” and “I was able to make special memories.” A place where you can have a special experience that you can’t have in ordinary sightseeing spots, that is the Guest House Maison de Pourin. Please use it to make your summer vacation special.

In collaboration with Gama Ice Expo 2024, we will provide you with a special experience that you can’t taste anywhere else. Let’s make summer memories that can only be tasted at the Guest House Maison de Poulins.

Steps to spend a special summer vacation

1.Click the “View Guest House Availability” button to complete your reservation from the Airbnb website.

  • A luxurious stay at a guest house with a spacious 78-square-meter 2LDK, Japanese and Western harmony and full facilities is waiting for you.

2. When you arrive in Gamagori on the day of your stay, first go to the Gama Ice Expo 2024!

  • Let’s enjoy special ice art and a variety of flavors at the first Ice Expo held in Japan. Surprise and excitement are waiting for you.

3. When you return to the guest house, please spend a relaxing time.

  • While enjoying the high-quality BOSE sound in the spacious living room, share the fun memories of the Gama Ice Expo on SNS and show off to your friends and family!

During the summer vacation that seems to be very hot again this year, by staying at the guest house Maison de Poulin “Hibiki” and participating in the Gama Ice Expo 2024, you can make special summer memories that you can not taste anywhere else. Check out the reservation site for Guesthouse Maison de Pourin now and plan a special summer trip. And please enjoy the Gama Ice Expo 2024 to the fullest!

Guest house reservations and confirmation of availability can be used from the link below.

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