Premium Room “Hibiki”

Premium Room “Hibiki”

Indulge in your own exclusive,
one-of-a-kind experience in the Premium Room at Guesthouse Maison de Plurain.

A special moment that begins at the “Home of Your Travels”.

“The special experience at ‘Home of Your Travels’ begins the moment you open the entrance door. The beautiful wind chimes welcome you with a soothing melody and a pleasant resonance. Please take off your shoes and proceed to the left door. There, you’ll find a bright and open living room where you can fully enjoy your stay at ‘Home of Your Travels.’ Alternatively, the right door leads to a chic 6-tatami Western-style room called the ‘Aladdin Room,’ featuring an impressive 98-inch projector screen along one wall. Whichever you choose, the enchanting experience of your stay at ‘Home of Your Travels’ starts right here.”

Sunlight-Filled Luxury Living and Dining – Your Exclusive Special Place

The living area, surrounded by ivory plaster walls, offers the utmost comfort and relaxation, ensuring a luxurious stay. Here, you can fully enjoy popular streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and more on the 50-inch LCD TV with powerful BOSE speakers*. What’s more, you can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to play your favorite music through the ceiling speakers, creating a blissful atmosphere. During dinner or breakfast, the magic switch on the electric adjustable sofa table instantly transforms the space into a dining area, allowing you to savor delicious meals and quality time. This versatile space enhances your stay by providing a luxurious experience for spending time with family and friends and creating moments of personal luxury.

*Please note that an account may be required for some streaming services.

Ultimate relaxation, spacious luxury,
and a queen-size bed in a blend of Japanese and Western style.

When you proceed to the back of the living area and open the door, you’ll find a spacious 22-square-meter Japanese-Western room bathed in soft light and covered with Ryukyu tatami mats. Stretch out on the wide queen-size bed, and you’ll feel the day’s travel fatigue melt away instantly. Of course, you can also lay out futons on the tatami to experience a traditional Japanese sleeping arrangement. How you choose to spend your time is entirely up to you. After you’ve settled your belongings, why not lie down on the 6-tatami Ryukyu tatami mats, stretch out, and relax to your heart’s content?

A Wall of Spectacular Visuals – Your Own Mini Theater “Aladdin Room”

After taking a breather in the Japanese-Western room, you can pass through the living area and the entrance hall to peek into another room. This room might seem ordinary at first glance, but it’s actually a mini theater where you can enjoy spectacular visuals that cover an entire wall. You can enjoy it thanks to the high-performance projector and high-quality speakers that are part of the lighting fixture – the ‘Aladdin X2 Plus’. Even during the day, simply lower the blackout curtains to reveal a crisp 98-inch image right in front of you. Like the living area, you can fully enjoy your favorite movies from popular streaming services like Youtube, Netflix, Disney+, and more*. Additionally, the sofa in this room can also be used as a bed, providing you with the luxurious experience of falling asleep while watching a movie.

*Please note that you may need an account to access certain streaming services.

At ‘Traveler’s Home,’ you can enjoy the convenience of our magical kitchen,
where you can savor deliciousness with ease.

At our guesthouse, while we don’t provide meals, you have access to a wide variety of delicious local ingredients and takeout options from our partnered local restaurants. Popular supermarkets with fresh, locally sourced seafood and a range of prepared dishes are also conveniently located nearby.

In our guesthouse kitchen, you’ll find all the essential equipment and utensils for your cooking needs, including a refrigerator, gas stove, microwave, coffee maker, and tableware. We offer magical kitchen appliances like the ‘Aladdin’ high-temperature grill and toaster, which can quickly prepare delightful meals. Additionally, our ‘BALMUDA The Range’ oven microwave combines pleasant guitar tunes with the joy of cooking.

You can enjoy a delightful dinner while watching your favorite movie in the adjacent living and dining area. For breakfast, savor crispy toast paired with freshly brewed espresso or cafe latte. It’s the perfect setting for a blissful dining experience.