Guest House

Relax just like at home while enjoying unique travel experiences you won’t find at home.

Our inn’s motto is “Welcome Home, Home for the Journey! is our motto.
We will support your comfortable and memorable stay to make your trip the most memorable experience for you and your loved ones through a luxury experience that you can’t have at home.

Three unique concept rooms

The Concept Rooms Hibiki and Akari are stay-type maison, each limited to one couple per day.
The Concept Room Ao can be used as a day-use rental space.
Please feel free to use the spacious rooms as a base for your trip or vacation.

Premium Room “Hibiki”

Grand opening December 22, 2023

Comfortable Room “Akari”

Scheduled to pre-open in spring 2024

Day-Use Room “Ao”

Scheduled to pre-open in summer 2024