【Fun for the Whole Family!】Clam Digging Information in Gamagori 2024


Top Fishing Volume in Japan!
Let’s Harvest Asari Clams from Mikawa Bay!

Popular Spring Event! Enjoy Clam Digging in Gamagori!

In Gamagori City, clam digging is available from March to May. This year, it was opened on March 9th, and clam digging is still possible on many beaches.

Charm of Clam Digging in Gamagori

  • Top Fishing Volume in Japan! Large-sized Asari Clams can be harvested!
  • Enjoyable even for children!
  • Clam digging while overlooking the sea is the best!
  • Hot springs and sightseeing are also enjoyable!

Japan’s Top Asari Clam Production Area

Gamagori is a city located in Aichi Prefecture facing Mikawa Bay. Mikawa Bay is known as Japan’s top asari clam production area in terms of fishing volume. At clam digging sites in Gamagori, you can harvest plenty of asari clams from Mikawa Bay.

Seven Diverse Fishing Grounds

Gamagori has seven clam digging sites such as Nishiura Beach, Katabara Beach, and Takeshima Beach. Each beach has different terrain, with some having many rocky areas and others having more sandy shores.

Refresh at Hot Springs and Guest Houses after Clam Digging!

In Gamagori City, there are ryokans and hotels where you can enjoy day trips to hot springs. One recommendation is to enjoy day trip hot springs after clam digging and easy cooking of freshly harvested clams in the guest house’s kitchen.

In the Guest House Maison de Poulain’s kitchen, we have prepared facilities such as popular appliances like BALMUDA microwave and Aladdin grill & toaster, as well as gas stoves and refrigerators, so you can easily and deliciously cook.

Please refresh your tired body after clam digging and enjoy cooking freshly harvested delicious Gamagori clams such as “sakamushi” (steamed with sake), “yaki-asari” (grilled clams), and miso soup in the guest house kitchen.

Event Information

For the latest information, please check the Gamagori City Tourism Association’s website.

You can check guest house reservations and availability using the following link

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