Feeling the spring breeze, enjoy a special moment in Gamagori. It’s a paradise of vibrant azaleas blooming gloriously!


Embark on a healing journey with the Azalea Festival and a guest house experience.

The Gamagori Azalea Festival

The garden of the Gamagori Classic Hotel boasts around 3,000 azalea bushes that bloom in full glory from late April to early May each year, creating a vibrant “Azalea Festival.” The vividly colored pink and red azaleas form a picturesque landscape, enchanting visitors with scenes reminiscent of a painting.

Photo: From the Gamagori City Tourist Association website

The garden of the classic hotel, built in 1934, exudes an atmosphere of history and charm. In addition to azaleas, various flowers bloom proudly throughout the seasons, soothing the visitors. Towards the back of the garden, there is also a superb viewpoint overlooking Takeshima, providing a moment of refreshment for both the mind and body.

Relax and enjoy a memorable journey at the guest house

Located just a 5-minute drive from the hotel, “Guest House Maison de Poulan” offers a cozy atmosphere where you can relax in a small luxury style. With spacious guest rooms and amenities like the refreshing Mirablue shower head for beautiful skin, it provides charming facilities to soothe the fatigue of your journey.

Furthermore, we provide facilities that allow you to easily cook delicious meals, including popular appliances like the BALMUDA microwave and the Aladdin grill & toaster, along with a gas stove, refrigerator, and more.

Enjoy delicious takeout meals from our guest house’s partnered gourmet dinner boxes, or purchase ingredients from the locally popular supermarket just a 4-minute walk from the guest house. Prepare a delightful dinner with your family or friends and have a wonderful time.

Enjoy the nature and culture of Gamagori to the fullest

In addition to the Azalea Festival, Gamagori offers numerous charming tourist spots, including scenic spots where you can enjoy the beautiful views of Mikawa Bay, as well as historical shrines and temples. Use the guest house as your base and fully immerse yourself in the nature and culture of Gamagori during your trip.

Enjoy a special moment in Gamagori while feeling the May breeze

Combining the Azalea Festival with a stay at the guest house creates a special experience where you can fully savor the charm of Gamagori. Why not embark on a healing journey, feeling the May breeze, and immerse yourself in a rejuvenating trip?

You can view it on the Gamagori Classic Hotel’s website.

You can check guest house reservations and availability using the following link

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