Larry Mikawa Bay” will be held! – March 2nd (Saturday), March 3rd (Sunday)

Gamagori City, heading to Japan’s Monaco – A new hub for motorsports is born here.

For two days on March 2nd (Saturday) and March 3rd (Sunday), Gamagori City will be enveloped in the excitement of motorsports! This event stems from the passionate desire of Gamagori City to aim for Japan’s Monte Carlo (Monaco), to enliven festivals centered around cars, and to aim to be a city where people can enjoy motorsports.

広報がまごおり<2月号> 10ページより

When it comes to rallying, it’s a motorsport that takes place on public roads. In this inaugural “Mikawa Bay Rally,” events will be held at three locations: Takejima, Nishiura, and Laguna Beach in Gamagori. Especially in the Takejima area, spectators can watch for free, so you can easily experience the excitement of the rally!

広報がまごおり<2月号> 13ページより

However, in the case of the Mikawa Bay Rally, course information is not typically disclosed until right before the event. If you’re eager to watch the rally but find it hard to visualize, there’s a solution for you! Thanks to the informative YouTube channel by “Pinnu Racing,” you can check out the course conditions and atmosphere in advance. They provide plenty of easy-to-understand pre-event information.

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