The Gamagori Mandarin Stamp Rally is currently underway!

“Gamagori, known for its mandarins!” The Gamagori mandarin, the most famous and enticing fruit in Gamagori, is often described as such. With its perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, it’s no wonder that a friend from Tokyo, upon tasting Gamagori mandarins for the first time, exclaimed, “I’ve never had mandarins this delicious before!” Such is the extent of its deliciousness, leaving one wide-eyed with amazement.

An event where you can fully experience the allure of Gamagori mandarins is currently underway – the Gamagori Mandarin Stamp Rally!

The stamp rally takes participants through mandarin orchards and specialty shops in Gamagori City, allowing them to enjoy the charm of mandarins at each stop. At every location, there are opportunities to sample and purchase Gamagori mandarins, as well as engage in mandarin-related experiences. Collect stamps at each spot, and upon completing the rally, you can enter a raffle to win prizes such as hot spring accommodation vouchers for two or ¥3,000 worth of shopping vouchers valid at participating stores!

For more details about the Gamagori Mandarin Stamp Rally, please visit the Gamagori Navigation website.

Furthermore, at the Guest House Maison de Puuran, we welcome guests with Gamagori mandarins placed in the freezer of their rooms. During your stay, enjoy unlimited mandarins to your heart’s content! (Please be cautious not to overindulge and upset your stomach!)

With the event period drawing to a close, we invite you to visit Gamagori and experience its splendid scenery and warm hospitality while enjoying the Stamp Rally. Don’t miss the opportunity to stay at Guest House Maison de Puuran.

To make a reservation or check availability at the Guest House, please use the link below.

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